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Kate Schweigart

Rare, Vice President, Global Innovative Finance Program Lead

As Vice President, Kate leads the Global Innovative Finance Program and is responsible for developing and executing conservation finance strategies with an emphasis on the blue economy and nature-based solutions. In this role, Kate is developing pathways to finance community-led conservation at scale by blending philanthropy, public funding, bilateral / multilateral finance and private capital. Within Rare’s coastal fisheries program, Fish Forever, Kate works to drive sustainable investments into small-scale fisheries and domestic value chains to create a pathway for coastal communities to capture, retain, and build wealth. Kate also works with national and subnational governments to unlock and prioritize investments across various SDGs, including SDG 14. 

Kate Schweigart Photo ORRAA, Nov 2023

Team Members

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Markus Müller

Deutsche Bank AG Private Bank, Chief Investment Officer ESG & Global Head Chief Investment Office

Erin Marchington

Environment and Climate Change Canada, Senior Policy Advisor and Manager

Emily Landis

Global Climate & Ocean Director, The Nature Conservancy