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Project Portfolio Platform

Our Project Portfolio Platform is called O3P. It is a global platform to catalyse, scale, and accelerate investment into coastal and marine natural capital.

Through Calls for Proposals, ORIC, and broader engagement, O3P surfaces innovative finance and insurance products developed with coastal communities and delivered by ORRAA members and partners. It also develops benchmarks, metrics, and resources to develop ocean resilience solutions.

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Call for proposals


ORRAA is inviting proposals for financial support to implement the next generation of innovative coastal and ocean finance and insurance products or develop tools that better analyse, predict, and reduce ocean risk.

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ORRAA’s Ocean Resilience Innovation Challenge (ORIC) acts as an incubator by providing mentoring, leadership training and, for some, funding to help promising projects scale up.

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Financial Innovation MARI Indonesia

Securing the Livelihoods of Seaweed Farmers through Innovation and Financial Inclusion

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Financial Innovation AquaFarms Organization (AFO)

Establishing a Voluntary Carbon Market to Restore Mangroves and Support Local Communities

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Science & Research WWF

Assessing the Global Value at Risk in the Global Blue Economy 

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Financial Innovation MAR Fund

Financing the Mesoamerican Reef’s Resilience to Extreme Climate Events

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Financial Innovation ORRAA

Insuring against IUU fishing

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Financial Innovation AXA XL

The Coastal Risk Index

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