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Financial Innovation

Pioneering Financial Innovation

ORRAA works across geographies to achieve this, driving the creation of a new global ocean finance ecosystem, enabling a step-change in the scale of finance channeled towards ocean and coastal community resilience and adaptation. 

ORRAA supports work in coastal Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) by piloting and scaling innovative finance projects that will leverage greater private investment into coastal resilience. We also recognise that ocean risk is not gender neutral and this is why it is a key focus of the Alliance. Women and girls are more adversely impacted both during and after disasters

Ilha do Ibo, Mozambique coast

Through our project portfolio, ORRAA aims to drive at least $500 million of investment into coastal and ocean Nature based Solutions by 2030, and surface 50 novel finance products that positively impact the resilience of at least 250 million climate vulnerable coastal people around the world. 

Globally, demand is growing for investment-ready projects and products that deliver real benefits for people and the coastal and ocean ecosystems on which they depend. Investments into blue nature need to be durable and sustainable over time, so ORRAA is supporting the development and deployment of a pioneering pipeline of investible finance and insurance products. These range from micro to macro-insurance tools, building financial literacy within coastal communities, blue carbon and resilience credits and technological applications. They also include large-scale financial offerings such as bonds and debt swaps. Projects are at all stages of the development cycle, including through our Ocean Resilience Innovation Challenge which supports emerging, locally-led projects in early-stage development looking for seed funding. 

The projects that ORRAA supports bring together diverse partners from governments, the private sector, academia and civil society across the Global North and South. They include gender empowerment goals. Their solutions should be replicable and scalable to deliver systematic change – seeding the development of investment grade projects that can be applied across different sectors and regions. 

Working with our partners at the Global Resilience Partnership, we have developed specific and targeted due diligence investment criteria and established robust monitoring, evaluation and learning requirements for the projects into which we invest.