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Louise Heaps

WWF Head of Sustainable Blue Economy

Louise Heaps is WWF’s global lead on sustainable blue economy (SBE), with a focus on influencing mainstream finance and policy enablers, as well as addressing the barriers to delivering a SBE at the coastal community level. Louise has worked in ocean conservation and natural resource management for over 25 years, leading ocean policy and field-based programmes in the global north and south, with 5 years in the Pacific Islands region as WWF’s South Pacific Conservation Director. She subsequently led WWF-UK’s domestic and international ocean programme before becoming their Marine Chief Adviser. After completing an MBA at Exeter University in 2016, Louise led the process to develop the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles in partnership with the European Commission, European Investment Bank and the Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit. She is now a member of the UNEP FI steering group for the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative and ORRAA’s Steering Council.


Team Members

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Markus Müller

Deutsche Bank AG Private Bank, Chief Investment Officer ESG & Global Head Chief Investment Office

Erin Marchington

Environment and Climate Change Canada, Senior Policy Advisor and Manager