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Hiroko Yoshii

How to invest better in the blue economy: the metrics that matter

Economist Impact’s 11th annual World Ocean Summit launched the “How to” working group sessions this year.

The purpose of the sessions was to create a set of action points and practical takeaways for individuals and organisations committed to restoring ocean health. These sessions, for small, focused groups of subject-matter experts and a carefully picked audience were interactive, engaging and solution oriented. This report, led by Deutsche Bank, shares the key takeaways from the speakers and audience.

This session focused on how investors can invest better in the blue economy. The speakers discussed how companies must start looking at their value chains and identify those with a sustainable business model and strong growth potential. They explained the key performance indicators that can inform decisions that align with sustainable goals. The discussion also provided guidance on how businesses can effectively communicate their sustainability commitments to attract investment and foster stakeholder trust.

The summary report and key takeaways of this session can be found here.