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Science & Research

Accelerating science, research and modelling

Accelerating research and modelling on ocean risk and resilience to inform financial innovation and policy action that reduces the impacts of climate and ocean change through better understanding, analysis, prediction, modelling, and management of ocean risk; and improving the design and implementation of gender-sensitive ocean resilience projects in key vulnerable regions.

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ORRAA supports academic, private sector and civil society-led research to better understand, analyse, predict, model and, therefore, manage ocean risk. Our research pillar is also focused on developing tools that value natural capital and develop accounting methodologies and standards for properly valuing blue nature. This includes deepening the understanding of private sector value at risk in the ocean economy, the blue acceleration and how equitable and sustainable it might be; the importance of gender empowerment; and the development of definitions and standards for high quality blue carbon credits. 

ORRAA has also been developing the Coastal Risk Index to understand the potential impacts of habitat degradation and sea-level rise on coastal communities and assets; and the role of Nature based Solutions in safeguarding them. The Alliance is also supporting efforts to assess potential risk to coastal cities and to develop an AI-assisted technology platform to inform ‘close the door to insurance’ policies for fishing vessels that have engaged in illicit activities – an ocean risk multiplier. 

Informed research and modelling help drive the adoption of policy measures as well as the development and deployment of financial products that proactively invest in coastal and ocean natural capital, reduce exposure to emerging hazards and build coastal resilience.