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It’s time to #BackBlue and invest in our Coastal Communities

Today, we launch #BackBlue. 

Climate risk and ocean risk together, equal financial risk.  

It is a devastatingly simple equation, but this risk threatens sustainable economic development and makes and keeps people poor.  

That is why it is so crucial that we drive investment into coastal and marine natural capital to mitigate risk and build resilience in communities adapting to climate change.  

This is our mission. 

We are about scaling solutions, accelerating action, from top down to bottom up. And from the Global South to the North. 

A step-change in scale is required with a new financial settlement to support adaptation and resilience, recognising, in particular, the challenges faced by Small Island Developing States and coastal Least Developed Countries. 

We are making progress, but we have to move further and faster. This approach involves public and multilateral institutions, the private sector and locally-led projects that deliver positive change. 

A healthy Ocean and a stable climate are two sides of the same coin. The latter is impossible without the former – so ocean action is climate action. 

The bottom line is that we need to invest more into our coastal communities. 

We will be sharing more on this initiative in the coming days, during COP26 and beyond. 

Please join us! It is time to #BackBlue. 


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